7 weird indonesian graves

Posted: October 22, 2007 in third world life
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All Saints’ Day is near. While the western wolrd gears up for Halloween, we, Filipinos get ready for All Saints’. This is the time of the year, we go to the cemetery and do some major cleaning, pretend to remember grandpaernts who died while we were three years old by snacking and lighting candles on their tombs.

Last All Saints’ Day, I was in Indonesia and I missed the Philippines. I went to their cemetery and found the following odd tombs. So let me present to you some of them.

Here’s a photo of their cemetery. There no gates. So if you’re drunk one night you might stumble in it, like Michael Jackson in Thriller. This is a Christian cemetery, by the way, so you can’t say, “Oh it’s weird because it’s Islamic”.

Having plants in the middle is a common thing in their tombs. Take note of the tiles and the gradient color. I don’t know if it’s a flower box or it is bathroom floor.

I don’t know what the plant suggests in a tomb. Maybe it means there’s life after death. But this one, you have to admit, overdoes it.

Maybe they need a teenager to mow it.

Born… Dead… Instead of ‘Died’. Maybe, this is Body Count’s inspiration for the title of their album.

“I want pink, Ma.”

 You don’t have to be a genius to figure out this guy’ job when he was still living.

 I just don’t get the idea behind this design.

The tiles again. this time with Winnie Fag on it.  

You’re evil if you laughed at this one. It’s a child’s. You’re going to hell for laughing at child’s grave.

  1. jusuko says:

    we Indonesians have many maniacs among us, don’t you think so ?
    In fact, we just want to make artistic tombs so they didn’t looked scary. I think you were laughing (a little) after you resumed from your surprise.
    But truly though, not most of us are really an artist 😀 😀
    Hope you enjoy your stay in Indonesia

  2. lupisan says:

    Actually, it’s the living who are the scary ones in Indonesia. Visit the Philippines and you’ll see tombs on top of one another. I thinnk they’re called apartment type or something.

  3. jusuko says:

    In the old days, the Javanese were among the humblest people in the world.
    And they’re known for their tolerance and adaptiveness to others. Not scary ones.
    That’s why there are “Java language” in the computer sciences, which is named after for the compatible virtue of the computer language upon various platform.

    Nowadays, I have no comment yet.
    But in some instance I probably will agree with your view.
    And still, have good days while in Indonesia (and more photos) !

  4. lupisan says:

    Scary one? Bercanda aja. Aku rindu Indonesia. I’m thinking of coming back. Aku mau kembali di Indonesia.

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