4 video games that could have saved alfredo lim’s son from a life of drugs

Posted: April 28, 2008 in third world life
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I haven’t written for a while. I just learned that Alfredo Lim ,mayor of Manila, has ordered – again – the banning of buses from Cavite from entering Manila. I was looknig for pictures, when I stumbled upon a very important bit of news. By important, I mean, something or another bad thing about Manila’s Dirty Harry. It appears that the mayor is too busy checking provincial bus routes to see his son getting involved in a life of drugs. His son was caught peddling shabu. I can’t even find the right words to point out the irony here. Here’s a man who spearheaded a spraypaint-the-house-of-drug-addicts campaign some time while chief of DILG and here’s his son… how much is a can of spray paint now? P 300? Should I start spraying the front door now? Fuck the spray paint. I’ll be glad to go to their house on weekends to render a “Drug Addict/ Pusher” mural on a point 1 red technical pen in pointillism. Ang I will allow them to choose which font type and size I will render this?

You know what, Lim? If you weren’t too tight-assed on video games, maybe your son could have learned a thing or two about drugs from these video games.

It was released in arcades and NES in the 80s I think. As a narc agent, Lim’s son can fight evil drug guys with an array of guns and a choice between wearing red or blue sleevless attire and red or blue helmet.  I am sure the arm muscles would appeal even to macho guy Alfredo Lim as well.


Why this will appeal to Lim and his son

One of the best features is that even Alfredo himself can join as a second player. It has a two-players mode so it is a gurantees family bonding. They can just flip a coin to figure out who’s going to wear red or blue.

I’m sure Alfie’s background can help him breeze through baddies after baddies till they reach the final boss fight against Mr. Big.

They can even have some fun making gigantic donuts for the narcotics department.

Or if they do not go for 80s nostalgia, they can play this updated and more gritty version of the game released in 2005. See how more badass the cops are compared to the two sleeveless-attire-clad cops in the original version? See how the sidewards-way of holding the guns give them more street cred? Now they don’t have to flip coins on who plays the red guy or the blue guy. They have a choice of which skin color they want.

Why this new version will appeal to Lim and his son

Finding that the old video game version was too preachy and didn’t really offer choice (or simply they want to cash in on the GTAtrend), the new version, allows cops to keep drugs they seize for evidence or to be used for trippin’ (The ommission of the ‘g’ is to make it sound more cool.)  Want to know how it feels like being on LSD or marijuana? You don’t need to actually take one in real life. It is simulated in the game. One could hear voices and see hellish images while trippin’ on LSD. A player can feel the effects of weed when time slows down after taking a toke. 

This gives a player a choice between good and evil and teaches them on the consequences of drug use. Once a cop uses too much drugs, this appears on screen and the game is over.  

So instead of actually going through real drug addiction in the flesh, he would have just gone through a game over where a second chance at life is given by loading on a save point.

Why this will appeal to Lim and his son

Alfredo Lim is not a stranger to movies. His life inspired a stupid action movie in the 90s which stars Eddie Garcia. This video game was inspired by the 1983 De Palma remake of the movie with the same title. So if he approved of turning his life into a movie, he should not have any qualms about playing a game that was based on a movie, right? How is a movie different from a video game? It’s the same storyline, it’s just that movie heroes don’t die battling underlings. But with save points and game cheats, that can be remedied.

So it might not be like Narc where one has a chocie to be a good or bad cop, but still it has its appeal. It does not ‘teach’ a lesson  strictly speaking, but it diverts one from actually wanting to lead a life of drugs. Here Lim’s son can pretend to rise above the drug syndicate and fulfill his lust for drug power without actually selling shabu in darkly-lit streets. It can all take place in the virtual world of video game. Yup, and he can even pretend to like Al Pacino, instead of looking like some stressed out cook from a Chinese takeout.  

And here’s another video game based on the movie Hard Boiled. Just in case you don’t know what Hard Boiled is, just search for the most number of screen deaths in a movie and this will appear as top 5.

Why this will appeal to Lim and his son

One, it’s also based on a movie. Two, Lim’ and his son do not need to flip a coin to choose skin color since the main character is Chinese. They play Tequilla (Chow Yun Fat) an HK agent who battles a drug syndicate. While the killing spree might make squeamish Lim squeam on the body count, it still sells the idea that good triumphs over bad and that drug pushers are punished with bullets instead of spraypainted grafitti on their houses.


It’s about a man’s revenge against junkies who killed his wife and new born daughter. He goes on different levels killing junkies, etc.

Why this will appeal to Lim and his son

While I’m sure allusions to Norse mythology will be lost on theses two’s heads, it will appeal to them because it involves family.

I can go on and on on a list of video games that Lim easily dismisses as violent, but what’s the point? He’s son is already caught. To do so would mean going back in time through a time machine. Here’s the point, Lim. Instead of studying bus routes, spend some time playing video games with your other children so they don’t end up in drugs an/ or prostitution. Maybe you’ll not have a lot of kids in jail.



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